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Sentence Structure, Hand Shapes, and Simplicity

Morphemes in ASL
Sentence Structure, Hand Shapes, and Simplicity
Facial Expressions
Contrastive Structure and Spacial Agreement
Signing Numbers and Time Signs
Classifiers in ASL

Word Order and Describing Someone in ASL

There is a specific word order usually followed when signing sentences in American Sign Language.

The basic structure of ASL word order is subject, object, verb, different from English which is subject, verb, object.

When describing someone in ASL, there is also a certain word order followed. When describing a person, you must sign certain traits in the following order:



Body type

Hair Style/Color

Distinctive feature and/or personality trait

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In English, it is necessary to add s or es to indicate plurality. In ASL, however, this is not necessary; there is no need (nor no way) to do such. You would not sign two boys but boy two.

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In American Sign Language, there are basic handshapes that are used. Some of them include....

Examples include f shape, b shape, flat o, three shape, etc.

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